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Re: The Sing-Off shall return

As far as I know, there's now versions of The Sing-Off in France, Netherlands and China but out of these I have only watched the China version. A capella is still pretty much brand new in China so some of the groups had taken to cutting corners by copying arrangements. However two groups stood out for me because they did totally original arrangements and had their own unique styles. A word of warning, most of the songs linked in this post are in Mandarin, hopefully they won't be too lost in translation.

One group is of course Micapella which I have already linked a couple of videos. I like them partly because they're from my country of Singapore. More critically, they are very smart in fusing together multiple musical genres in their music and like all the good Sing-Off groups, they are able to elevate the original song to new levels. By the way, Micapella came in second.

The other group is called Hey Boy, formed by 5 young men who insists on interpreting traditional chinese songs for the modern era in their music. Sadly, they were eliminated early but did leave a couple of good performances.
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