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Re: 80's albums that hold up on any level

I'm a little confused as to the intent of this thread. If it's not strictly to list the best albums of the decade but to distinguish ones that have the classic 80s "vibe" and mojo but still hold up under modern listening, then I have a few that I don't think have yet been listed yet--but apologies if they have.

August -- Eric Clapton
Blackout -- Scorpions
Building the Perfect Beast -- Don Henley
Eliminator -- ZZ Top
Freedom -- Neil Young
Full Moon Fever Tom Petty
Georgia Satellites -- Georgia Satellites
Heart -- Heart
Heart Shaped World -- Chris Isaak
In My Tribe -- 10,000 Maniacs
Kick -- INXS
Learning to Crawl -- The Pretenders
Once Bitten... Great White
So -- Peter Gabriel
Songs from the Big Chair -- Tears for Fears
Sports -- Huey Lewis and the News
Synchronicity -- The Police
Tuff Enuff -- Fabulous Thunderbirds
Uh-Huh -- John Mellencamp
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