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Re: Katawa Shoujo anyone?

Its pretty surprising how many hits you get on Google, or even Youtube. We're out here alright. I've been pretty much living on the KS forum for the past month.

Just had to start this thread right after I began playing in hopes of spreading the word and maybe getting a few BBS'ers to try it. Kinda hoped we'd have a bit more activity, but ah well.

Dedicated Hanako fan.

So, thoughts on the girls?

Shizuni - I've gotta confess I still haven't played her arc. Maybe I'm just afraid to actually finish the game.

Emi - Sure shes annoying sometimes, but she just oozes cute and adorable to the point where its impossible not to love her. Downright amazing how someone so sweet can be among the most sexually active characters in the game.

Rin - I feel bad for her, but I honestly have trouble connecting with her. I guess because I need some sort of emotional feedback in order to be drawn to a character, and with Rin, I get nuthin'.

Hanako - Is it wierd to be in love with a fictional character?

Lilly - An absolute Goddess in human form. How can you not love Lilly?
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