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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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James T. Kirk is named after his mum's 'Love instructor'.
I planned on just leaving that one alone.
Given the scene in the last movie where Kirk's first name was arrived upon, umm exactly who was mommy's "love instructor" again?


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Humans mating successfully with Vulcans and Klingons was a pretty bad idea.
That there could have been a rare occurrence Vulcan/Human "mule" in the form of Spock is one thing, that a wide variety of species could have children together is kind of loopy.

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If someone refuses to perform in your supposed "post-scarcity" society what happens ... Force? Penial colonies?
As to the "what happens if someone refuses to perform" question, well, what happens when someone doesn't think it's right that they have to pay a chunk of their income in taxes in our modern society?
Well they could drop their income below a certain point and tie into the social service system, there by effectively paying no taxes.

Consider Sonak, while I do pay taxes, my government doesn't mandate what legal means I under take to earn that money. I am not assigned a job, nor required to live in a certain area to be reasonably adjacent to that job.

Or they don't think they should be forced to wear seatbelts?
Public transportation. No seat belts.

people like to act like coercion is somehow the deal-breaker in a socialist or quasi-socialist system, which I always find hilarious.
Coercion isn't the deal-breaker, having to live in a socialist system would be. Hopefully the future Federation is free society, and not a socialist one.

There's coercion of some sort in EVERY society that has and ever will exist, so let's just be open about it.
Okay, but it is matter of degree. At some point the level of "coercion" becomes unacceptable. My society forcing my activities and occupation would be far beyond that point, and a clear indication that the societies involvement needs to be drastically reduced.

Better still, never allowed to reach that point in the first place..

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