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Refit Enterprise Interiors (WIP) - Unreal 3 Engine

Yep! I've yet again moved on to a bigger and better gaming engine. I abandoned the ancient Quake III engine and have gotten the hang of Unreal 3, which is one of the most commonly used engines in the industry. I trained myself in 3ds Max, which is what I use to build the 3D meshes.

For those that may have seen my previous work, you may know I dabbled with the TOS Enterprise and the Enterprise-D. This time around I'm taking a shot at the Refit Enterprise. I've been going at this project for about 2 months now, but wanted to wait until I finished up enough to showcase some images.

I'm drawing both from TMP and TWOK as far as detailing goes, mixing and matching various elements. I want to balance the clean feel of TMP with the functional militaristic feel of TWOK. Less hotel, less submarine, more starship.

OH, and before I forget. Follow my new blog if you wish to keep up with progress:

Anyway, here are some images. Enjoy! Comments and criticisms welcome. (Enterprise 3d Mesh seen in the "Officer's Lounge" images below was graciously provided by WileyCoyote)

G-Deck Corridors

Transporter Room:

Main Engineering

O-Deck Corridors

Officer's Lounge

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