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Re: The Orb - a new DS9 podcast

I said I would write something on the O'Brian show so here are a few thoughts. As usual, good episode, and it's interesting that you brought up his musical accomplishments, and I watched Shadowplay tonight, and he talks all about it. I really liked O'Brian, and not just because he was the everyman. Colm Meany brought a certain charm to the character and it's understated and subtle that I like him for much more different reasons than say Garek or Ben Sisko. I also agree that he was one of the most unluckiest characters in trek.

One thing I took issue with though is your comparison of Kim dying to OBrian dying. Granted, this is the DS9 forum so I'm not sure how popular this opinion is, but I actually liked Kim's scene better than O'Brians, even though I like Visionary too. The thing is with O'Brian being pretty much our O'Brian just a few hours later, O'Brian didn't really die per say. With Kim, we got the same Kim, only duplicated. It worked on Farscape with the two Crichtons (Sorry for the spoilers) and I thought it worked for Voyager too.

Despite that though, good episode, as always. I think you only have two more episodes dealing with the main cast, Jake and Ezri. Hopefully you dedicate some episodes to some characters in the supporting cast. These characters deserve their own episodes, in my opinon:

Gul Dukat
Kai Winn

That's another month's worth of episodes at least. Looking forward to seeing what other themes you will cover once the characters are done.
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