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Deep Space Nine Revisited: A New Perspective

Just last week I decided to start rewatching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993 - 1999) via video streaming through Netflix. Eight episodes in and loving it more than I thought. My recollection was that this series' started off slowly - the impatience of youth. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of DS9 and was terribly sad upon its wrap. It's just that in retrospect I didn't think it really get compelling until Sisko became a captain, got The Defiant and swapped the hair on his scalp for a goatee. An older, hopefully wiser, me now sees it somewhat differently.

I am picking up on nuances that perhaps I overlooked before. These first episodes have generally done an excellent job in bluntly defining this series' as a bold new direction from previous Treks, and foundationally introducing the recurring characters in ways that foreshadows future events. There have been, in my view, some missteps (such as Jadzia Dax's refusal to aid in her own defense when charged with capital crimes in "Dax" - made no sense to me even when her reasons were revealed). Also, "Dax" was not far off from The Next Generation episode, "The Measure of a Man" in that they both used series' regulars to explore the resplendent diversity and nature of alternate lifeforms as well as their implications. I also enjoyed the episode "Q-Less" far more this time than last. As I recall when this episode orignally aired I was pretty much tired of John De Lancie's "Q," however, after this major interval of time I could fully enjoy both the overall story and De Lancie's stylized performance. Good stuff.

Anyway, hopefully more to come as this odyssey continues.
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