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Re: Bates Motel seemed like it's going 2 suck, & then it didn't.(Spoil

I just watched the pilot. I've got mixed feelings about it. I think the cast is pretty good. However I'm not sure about the story just yet.

I wish they had made it a period piece, I think it would've been even creepier, like American Horror Story: Asylum.

I didn't care for Norman being in town for like five minutes and four hot girls are on him and then a hot teacher flirts with him. At least with the guyfriend of the girl that likes Norman I see the makings of a typical bully/foil for Norman. But even the girl with CF is cute. I don't see how all these nice looking girls actually making nice with him, for what seems like non-sinister reasons at the moment, works for the kind of person we know Norman is going to become. I would think he would be extremely isolated, or at least feel that way. Perhaps he does, but it's not easy to register when cute girls just can't wait to hang out with him.

I was shocked that they went so far with the rape scene. I was expecting Norman to get there sooner. Well, actually I wasn't expecting them to do something like that at all, though once the guy broke in I had a feeling it was going to go that route. I thought the guy was just going to be a thorn in their sides, someone trying to gather dirt on them or something. But this show took it to the extreme already.

The solid performances from the two leads kept me into the pilot and would likely keep me coming back. Since I don't have cable at the moment, nor Netflix or Hulu I probably won't be watching this series. While the pilot didn't make me feel regret about that, it is a show I probably would give a another look.
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