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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Has Andrea ever done anything intelligently? I'm serious. Can anyone remember anything Andrea has ever done that was intelligent & done intelligently? Let's start a list if we can, because I'm drawing a blank
Back on page 104, I posted a short list of Andrea's Greatest Hits, but there's more to add (bold):

That is the problem with Andrea all series long: at her core, she's the biggest asshole of all in many ways.

Her greatest hits:
  • She was dismissive of people she considered beneath her
  • Shot Daryl after blowing off Dale's warning
  • Tried to commit suicide, only to use that highly questionable act to play amateur head shrink by playing with Beth's own suicidal desires
  • Took Shane's side on various issues / screwed him
  • As Michonne put it, Andrea picked a warm bed over a friend
  • Even after learning enough about the Governor to send any normal person running, she remained in Woodbury.
We can also add her thinking a man like the governor was ever interested in peace, when he sanctions zombie gladiator games, a death match between the Dixon brothers, and is secretive to her (except when he needs his flabby body pawed by Mistress Idiot). There's not another character in TV-Walking Dead history who is that stupid / annoying (aside from Dale) / clueless, etc.
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