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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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Good idea with the two-packs!

TOS Kirk and Gorn
TOS Kirk and Khan
Movie Kirk and Khan
Picard and Q
Sisko and Dukat
Janeway and Borg Queen
Archer and Silik
nuKirk and Nero

The list would go on and on and on....
I'm not sure that Hasbro actually has the rights to Prime Trek. DST currently has the license for trek in the prime timeline. In fact they are already working on a Trek Select line with TOS characters with elaborate/detailed backgrounds. The first two are Spock with the Horta from "Devil in the Dark" and a Kirk and Kahn in Engineering from "Space Seed."

Plus DST has done plenty of two packs of characters from TOS/TOS Movies/TNG.
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