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Re: StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

From a multiplayer perspective... it's 40 bucks for what... 7 units? 7 units that don't come into my cheesy style of play just yet. Oh, and they made it so you can't use pylons to power stuff from low ground onto high ground? Lame.

It really bugs me that I haven't been able to quickly find a simple list of changes from WoL to HotS. Even if I restrict my google searches to the last week it pulls up really old shit like... "the Thor is now a superunit you can only build one of, like the mothership" and "carriers have been removed from the game" that doesn't even apply anymore.

Just from playing 3v3s and 2v2s the expansion has played almost exactly like WoL. I'm sure a lot of that is that I'm playing lots of other people unfamiliar with the changes... but still. Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne felt like a significant change from the very first game I played. I've seen the new units here and there mostly built by people for pure novelty... aside from that the only difference I've really seen is that more players are building hellions. Though I haven't really seen much in the way of hellbats.

So I guess spore cralwers don't need evo chamber anymore? And I've heard that medivacs have some speed boost ability? Uhh.. ok. Maybe that would have been more intuitive if those changes were in the single player campaign guys...

Also, the +100XP nonsense is just laughable. I mean really... wtf is that crap. This game already had a slog of a grind for unlockable trinkets... this really doesn't make it any better. And at the end of the multiplayer game it takes me straight to my XP report? Really? Does anybody give half a shit about how much experience they earned?

Anyway, haven't played that many multiplayer games... just my impressions so far, so they could just as easily change. Except the XP thing. That will always be a joke, sorry Blizzard.

As for the always on DRM... I'll just say that I don't see any improvement from the Warcraft 3 system of having to log in for multiplayer, and having LAN and Single Player options available completely offline. The achievements can be fun and all, but we've all seen the same sort of in-game achievements that are just as good. just isn't a big online hub of my gaming activity in the way that Xbox Live, Steam, or even PSN are. There is no utility to Diablo 3, SC2, and WoW achievements being unified in any way, assuming they even are (as I don't play their other two games).
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