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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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I really enjoyed all of the Ori aspects of The Ark of Truth, I thought it was a solid (if somewhat convenient, though pretty much all of SG-1's nemeses were vanquished thanks to a bunch of conveniences) ending to the storyline. But I completely agree with The Wormhole and bigdaddy about the Replicator subplot. I was never a fan of the Replicators to begin with, but there was absolutely no need to add them into AoT. It's like they came up with the A-plot and then realized they had a bunch of room left over, so they added in this idiotic Replicator B-plot to fill out the running time.

The scene between Teal'c and Tomin is one of my favorite scenes in the entire franchise.

That was my problem with later Stargate, it was lame and weak, and predictable. It was just all of the same; more and more of the same.

I got used to "Look we found a cure for all our problems" storylines, but so many Replicators is just annoying. It was completely out of place and they should have just included more character moments.

And on Atlantis you would think they are in a new galaxy and that there should be new bad guys, new things. We get got vampire bugs and more Replicators. Humans ones at that, the bugs were at least neat looking.
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