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Re: The AGT Dreadnought Enterprise

I love it!!

I ain't GalaxyX just for my health!

Someone had said this before and I think I will repeat it again:

"It keeps the great look of the Galaxy Class, while giving it a deadly edge"

I definitely agree with this.

I've always liked Andrew Probert's design of the Galaxy Class, but it always looked too saucer heavy, and it felt like it needed more bulk in the star drive.

The 3rd Nacelle adds this bulk. Now it looks great from more angles!

The phaser Cannon is an ok idea, but I could do without it. Perhaps just have heavier/thicker phaser bank strips? But I don't hate it.

I would have loved to see this ship in the movies instead of that insect thing they call the Enterprise E. That thing is hideous.
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