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The only consistent trait she has is stupidity. That stunt with the door was the closest to smart she can get, & even that didn't work
I've been one of Andrea's biggest critics throughout the show, but this is pretty harsh. Really, all the criticism of her in this episode has been a bit much considering we finally see her decide to turn on the Gov.

Also: she called Lori on her ridiculous bullshit about "Oh, us wimmins should stick to cookin's and cleanin's while the Big Strong Men protect us" last season, so there's that. Only time until this ep I've really rooted for her.
I'll agree that some folks have gone too far in maligning her, offensively so even, and that it's been possible, a time or two, to empathize with her, or to get behind her once in a blue moon, but all of that still doesn't offer up anything to suggest she isn't a moron. I don't think I'm being too harsh at all. I'm just calling her stupid & gullible.

She has never to my knowledge done anything intelligently, & that includes finally figuring out the Gov. is not someone to support. She let herself be dumb, & turn a blind eye for as long as she possibly could, to the point that it was undeniable, before she came around to what was obvious.

I cut Andrea a fair shake all the way up to when she shot at Daryl like an idiot, & from that point on it was just too hard to not continually ask "How stupid is this person going to get?" & she's gotten much more stupid since then. I don't think she deserves to suffer a Mengele session for her stupidity (& I figure she won't) but it's just too hard to accept that someone so dumb could survive this long, when simple bad luck does in smarter people all the time, like T-Dog or Dale
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