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Re: Bates Motel seemed like it's going 2 suck, & then it didn't.(Spoil

It does mean that Janet Leigh will be in a flying bubble car straight out of the Jetson's when she pulls up to the Bates Motel with her stolen 40 thousand dollars... Oh.

If we're going to investigate potential sexual dysfunction... Does he have sex with his mother's skeleton or does Norman just roleplay pretending that he is Mother when he's masturbating? His left hand smacking his right hand because he's doing it wrong, and if you're going to do that to yourself, then you might as well do it right and Norma's avatar which is Norman's left hand is going to show him.

Considering the former, it can't be safe to frakk bone without sanding and polishing the penetration area first.

Maybe a bit of varnish too?


I'm assuming that the locked up girl had nothing to do with Norman because they had just arrived in town and it takes a few weeks to properly set up a sex dungeon, but considering the guy that raped his mother might have had a sex dungeon under the house, maybe he just found the girl and couldn't believe his luck?


It's obviously someone else... But where did Norman get the bdsm hand drawn comics? Did he find a secret stash of them when he was pulling up the carpet? or did he draw them himself which means whoever is tying up school girls is about to discover another pea in his pod to strike up a life long friendship with based on shared interests and mutual moral systems..
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