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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Plus, like Jan says it's about the process. Without things like this you'd be scratching you head wondering how the people back on Earth could just let some xenophobic nutter do whatever he wants. This is pretty much the culmination of things that have been slipped in here and there since season one.

Thats what I'm doing right now. The fact that the propaganda is so poorly done is just making me wonder why the humans in the future are so stupid. Its amazing that they have the ability to breathe.

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I just find it interesting how these episodes can generate such a visceral reaction from someone who is too young to have lived through Politics and Media prior to 911
I have a reaction because its bad television, and its getting rammed down my throat. I get it, humans in the future are stupid/evil/don't care and will believe everything they are told. I can accept that. Its not like its even that unique in Science fiction (oh, that nice chancellor dressed in black just declared that we're an empire now? That seems like a good idea that we should go along with). Its the fact that it keeps getting said, and worst every time. If they would stop spending so much time making me watch propaganda that a 3 year old could see through, I could accept it a lot easier. Showing me examples of what is fooling people just makes me unable to accept that so many people would believe this. I don't care about the problems with real life media, its not a interesting topic, especially not when its being taken to idiotic extremes on a TV show. All it does is derail the show and annoy me. I know people usually say show, don't tell, but when they're this bad at the showing, they should probably just tell me about the existence of propaganda. Heck, even if they could have done it better it would still be fairly pointless and have taken up WAY too much time, but atleast it wouldn't make me want to break the TV.
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