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Re: Campaign to Restore William Shatner's STV TFF for Blu-ray spec. ed

I've read the shooting script. The only significant material that isn't on the DVD is:

1. McCoy's comeback to Kirk's 'drop in for dinner' line: "That's right, turn it all into a joke. Dammit Jim, are you that anxious to meet your Maker?"
2: A deleted line from Vixis when Klaa learns the Enterprise is going to Nimbus: "'There will be no peace as long as Kirk lives.' (quoting the Klingon Ambassador from the the last movie) Our Empire's highest bounty has been placed on his head."
3: As the Gailileo heads down to Nimbus, Kirk notices Spock looking disturbed. "You okay, Spock?" "I am fine, Captain. (on Kirk's look) Damn fine."
4: The aforementioned McCoy helping a redshirt scene. "Haven't seen a wound like that since med school - these people are savages." (hands the redshirt the 'bullet') "Here's a souvenir. Stay off that leg for at least two minutes."
5: The aforementioned Spock/McCoy lines near the end in the lounge before Kirk shows up:
McCoy - "Try this on for size. Has it occurred to you that the Great Barrier wasn't put there to keep us out...but to keep that thing in?"
Spock - "It has occurred to me."
McCoy - "Well? Doesn't that imply the existence of a higher power?"
Spock - "I will say this much, Doctor - we have yet to truly reach the final frontier."

That's it. That's all that's missing. Other than that, the missing Rockmen and the DVD deleted scenes, what Shatner and Loughery wrote is what's on the screen.
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