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I think :

North America: $290 million
Rest of World: $210 million

North American Opening Weekend: $90 Million

I think there will be more growth overseas than in North America partly because of 3D. It seems that outside of North America 3D is much more popular and that will help. Also in these countries where Trek is very weak perhaps over the last 4 years they have seen the reboot on their television and see that it is not so bad!

I think there is a lot of competition during May and this will hurt Trek. I think Christmas is the best time for a Star Trek movie because there is less competition and then Trek becomes the must see movie worldwide of the holidays rather than just another summer blockbuster... But hey what do I know?

The predictions of 800 million+ are way off IMO and they forget that trek outside of English speaking countries and Germany is very very weak.

Why is Trek so weak in non-English speaking countries? I have never understood why?

It really is amazing that we are posting these sorts of figures.. Cast your mind back to Nemesis bombing to maid in manhattan and a woeful total worldwide gross of 67 million dollars. Now we can predict such insane figures. Cast your minds back to 2005 and the cancellation of enterprise due to low ratings in the Friday night deathslot. My my how far we have come. (Yet some fans still complain)

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