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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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your perspective is shaped by the ideology and culture you grew up in. You can't just take your attitudes and transplant them whole into a different time and society. Had you been raised from birth in a post-scarcity society that preached to you every day about the communal good and the importance of contributing to society, you'd probably not feel the way you do now.
I'm sure that culture would affect many but i'm equally confident that layabout sex fiends such as myself would still exist in that society and spoil it for the rest of you

ask a common man from the 13th century to look at contemporary western society and to him it's a utopia compared to his surroundings and culture and no doubt he would find it just as hard to comprehend why, in such an affluent society, their are people who choose to opt out, rebel against or demand a change to that society.....and yet they do

you cannot make us all fall in line.....that is the problem (and virtue) of every society throughout history.....i don't care how fantastic it is....there will always be those who think it's shit and don't want to engage with it

that's why i liked the idea of the maquis ((the first time trek ever asked the this society as great as we think).....though personally i would have gone further with them and made them even more questioning of the so called federation utopia
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