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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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I agree with you. But if there are still a few menial or even undesirable tasks who will do them in the moneyless Star Trek federation? How would that be resolved in an equitable way short of automation? Or is automation the only solution?
Firstly, i see no solution other than a reward system - doesn't have to be money but if i'm cleaning out the shit while you're flying around the galaxy sexing it up with the hot green ladies then quite frankly, i want something for my trouble

secondly, we're talking about menial work from a contemporary perspective and assuming that this perspective would remain the same in the future but surely in a society where one can do anything they want, virtually all work becomes menial to a degree - even careers such as doctor, engineer, lawyer, etc....i mean in a society where i can just travel the planet without worrying about food, shelter, clothing or anything else and do whatever i want with life, being a doctor would seem pretty menial to me by comparison (especially if it's just being the dull local GP) - i can understand others not necessarily feeling that way but that's the point; it only takes one lazy fucker like me to come along to ruin the utopia for everyone else - the fact is, i would not be willing to do any kind of work (menial or otherwise) and would only do so if......

1 - i wanted to (poet, porn star, starship captain)

2 - i benefited from it (and i don't mean in a crappy spiritual way.....i mean give me some green ladies and a mansion to play with them in)

3 - i was being forced to (which might be anything from an oppressive state to the federation withholding technology from me unless i play ball)

4 - the federation employs Vulcans to mind meld with every federation citizen and instill a profound sense of communal pride and responsibility in us all

5 - the federation portrays everyone who doesn't play along as malcontents, terrorists, or just plain old bad uns and we exist in an underground society that has yet to be seen in any Trek thus far
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