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Re: Star Trek: Continues? Wow..very sad..

mos6507 wrote: View Post
Obviously this person has never heard of Phase II or the other TOS projects.

This is a niche, and either you support it or you don't.
Well, it's possible, and this is merely idle speculation on my part, that Breadfan actually had heard of Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II. (Breadfan's last activity here on the TrekBBS board was back in May of 2009 when the movie Star Trek was released, and New Voyages/Phase II had been around for several years before that.) It could well be that Breadfan thought the new production Star Trek Continues was some kind of offically made thing: it clearly couldn't be a fan production because the notion of fans getting together and putting on a show in the barn that looks just like the continuing adventures of TOS was already being done by someone. Why would a bunch of fans want to get together and spend time and money and effort to trod the exact same ground that some other fan production was already todding?

It would be easy to assume that it wasn't another fan film doing the exact same thing as what was being done already. What would be the point? (But, of course, it's also possible that Breadfan, being out of the TrekBBS loop for four years, just hadn't heard of the concept of fan films.)
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