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Re: So, what was up with Avery Brooks' comm badge in "Rapture"?

Starfleet uniforms are a bit more uniform - but Starfleet personnel are not. There would probably be similar leeway simply because three-handed people would need to place the thing differently, and never mind people shaped like turtles. Dedicated rules for humanoid-shaped, turtle-shaped and shapeless crew might well be a silly idea.
I don't think so at all. In fact, it would make sense that Starfleet would have different uniforms for non-humanoid crewmembers, but still have regulations in place for them to follow regarding how to wear their uniforms and/or insignia.
Especially when we remember all those occasions where a commbadge was not worn at all: apparently, there is no solid rule about that, either.
When people were off-duty and in civilian clothes? Probably not.
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