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Re: Commodore Wesley confuses me

In that example, if the witness were able to communicate with whomever had the conn of the ship, it would be imperative to let that person know what was happening.
Okay, I chose a confusing example. In that one, the skipper would probably have nothing to do with the fact that his ship was being steered towards a big rock - some poor junior officer standing behind the shoulder of an enlisted steering wheel turner chap would be relying on incorrect data, and that is where the alert bystander should direct his communications.
There's an actual real-life precedent where that happened. The Battleship Missouri ran aground in 1950 while trying to get out of Chesapeake Bay. There was a faulty fathometer as well as a number of mistakes made by junior members of the ship's crew, but the captain was ultimately held responsible for what happened to his ship. An inquiry found enough evidence for a case of negligence on his part, which led to a court-martial, and the captain being relieved of his command.
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