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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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But where does one go from there? Smell-O-Vision?
As others have pointed out, the Blu-ray discs include the cleaned up original versions, which is great. That does not mean fans cannot debate the quality of the new effects. In general, I like the new "matte" shots, but dislike the CGI ships.

However one feels about the alterations, revising an old work in any way is a marketing gimmick. For example, many people dislike colorization (I'm one of them). This has nothing to do with "protecting" the original. Shooting an image for B&W is very different from working in color. I've seen some very fine colorization work, but nothing can change the contrasts of the image so that it looks right in color.

I've done a lot of experimentation with various 3D technologies—another gimmick. And while circular polarization (like RealD) is less stressful than older systems, any parallax-based "3D" system will create eye strain. We have two eyes, and feeding a separate image to each eye should be enough, but it is not. Our eyes also "track" closer together for nearer objects and farther apart for more distant objects. The parallax images of a "3D" movie are coming from the same distance. So when different parallax is thrown at us, our eyes try to track, getting caught between focus distance and parallax. One day a truly "holographic" presentation system will be marketed, but upgrading all the old favorites to the new system may fizzle, like colorization.

Many people have opined that 4K video obviates the need for "3D" because the images look very real just from the increased resolution. I've been told that HDR (high dynamic range) video monitors are like walking by an open window. But will HDR be a welcomed upgrade for casual viewing? Will viewers have to put on sunglasses for some scenes, and take them off for others? Will some "remastering" artist decide to make the hallways of the Enterprise as bright as desert sun "just because he can," while the bridge will have muted lighting for all the video displays?

How about making all the old TOS episodes interactive? Yeah! No, not a good idea. Those episodes were shot in a linear fashion to tell a fixed story in a set way. Likewise, adding parallax, depth-of-field, color, smell, etc. may change the framing intended by the director who worked in 2D.

How would one convert a "trombone" shot to 3D?

"Cleaning up" old favorites so that they present well on the latest displays is welcome, but changing old favorites should be done with discretion.
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