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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

23. The Initiation of Sarah: D
24. Jack the Giant Slayer: C+
25. Oz the Great and Powerful: B+
26. Olympus Has Fallen: A-
27. The Lives of Others: B+ (German film)

The movie is about 7yrs old so I've written a mostly detailed synopsis. It does contain SPOILERS, read at your discretion.

The story takes place in 1984 and focuses on the East German/Berlin Stasi agents of the GDR. The Stasi are the enforcers of the communist regime, in place to make sure the populace isn't being influenced by "Western" culture or that they are sympathetic to that culture. I would call the Stasi the secret police(and maybe they were) but everyone in the film is aware of them and their power.

The focus is on a playwright named Dreyman, his leading lady and lover Christa, a GDR Minister of something named Hempf along with our Stasi enforcers Grubitz(head of the division) and his trusted agent Wiesler.

My first foreign film this year and I must say I really enjoyed it. Since the film is about 7yrs old I hope that semi-thourough review is ok by those participating in the thread.
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