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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Alamo, one of the historical reenactment programs in Quark's holosuites on Deep Space 9.
B is for Baroner. Pseudonym used by Kirk during the Klingon occupation of Organia.
C is for Cardassian courts and tribunals. You went in guilty until proven innocent.
D is for Dog. Captain Archer kept one on the Enterprise.
E is for Enterprise, a very popular name for Starfleet vessels over the centuries.
F is for Fesarius, Flagship of the First Federation.
G is for Grazerite. A 24th century Federation President belonged to this species.
H is for Horta. The Horta liked to eat rocks.
I is for Inter-species-breeding.
J is for jamaharon.
K is for Klingon tea drinking ritual.
L is for Lursa.
M is for Melakon, the real power behind the Nazi regime on Ekos after John Gill fell ill and became nothing more than a puppet.
N is for Neela. Bajoran Assassin.
O is for Orion men. They took a backseat to the females of their civilization in both appeal and power.
P is for Protomatter. A dangerously unstable form of matter.
Q is for Quantum Realities beyond our own.
R is for Romulan facial tattoos.
S is for the Soviet Union. It dissolved about five years before the USS Voyager visited 1996 Los Angeles, but Tom Paris momentarily forgot that.
T is for T'Pol's Tits.
U is for Ulterior Motives. A common theme in many Trek stories.
V is for V. The Roman numeral that designates the worst Star Trek movie ever made.... So far.
W is for Winning, which the Federation and its allies weren't doing in their war with the Dominion until the tide finally turned.
X is for X. The Roman numeral that designates the second worst Star Trek movie ever made. There were other very close contenders.
Y is for Yridian Yak. We can only presume it is a yak...but of the Yridian persuasion.
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