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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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It's still very possible that we could get a line announced later in the year. Marvel Select did this with "The Wolverine" recently when no one thought there would be any figures from that film. It's unlikely given the points the rest of you have made, but as we all know as Trek fans...there are always possibilities
It's not exactly a line. Diamond Select is making one Wolverine figure based on the upcoming movie as a part of their long running Marvel Select line. They always use a slot in the line for a movie figure or two.

Moving on to the other comic company, I got my monthly Mattell club figures today. From DC Club Infinite Earths we get Elongated Man, and from Watchemn Club Black Freighter we get Dr. Manhattan.

I'm thrilled to finally have Elongated Man. He's an essential Justice League member, and long demanded by fans. It's too bad that the oversized figures were nixed this year, as he would have been perfect there. As it is, the only elongated piece we get is his arm. Oh well, it's still better than nothing.

Dr. Manhattan is a mostly naked blue guy. That's about all I can say. Of course, Mattel wasn't going to be bold enough to give us the Doc wearing what he wears for most of the book (nothing at all.)
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