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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

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I don't know if Uhuru was having a bad day when I saw her, but she seemed more interested in herself than Star Trek or the fans. At the speaking event she went on a ten/fifteen minute spree talking about herself, and Koening eventually interrupted her, saying this isn't what the fans came here to see and hear. Which left things kind of awkward -- who wants to see their favorite stars argue with each others? She also wasn't in the autograph mood that day; didn't say a word to me.
You've summed up Nichelle quite well here, IMHO. This is the same thing you hear from 80% of people who've met her. The only exceptions are the few who catch her in an off-day, and by off I mean a day when she isn't being herself.

She wanted to leave TOS early on, and she's turned the famed encounter she had with MLK into an urban legend, and... well, she's always been a bit full of herself. I mean, her autobio is titled "BEYOND Uhura" - and while Leonard may have had some issues in the old days ("I Am Not Spock") he came to terms and corrected them ("I Am Spock").

She's notorious for being stand-offish, catty, distant, aloof, self-involved... you name it.

I met a guy, he had a cast photo signed by everyone - including Gene. It happened to be the cast photo where part of Nichelle's face was obscured. Well, the guy finally meets her and is in line and gets up to the table to have her sign it and she flat out refuses. The guy begged and pleaded, and even offered to write a $500 dollar check to the charity of her choice, but she would not budge. And it's like... seriously? Your ego is so fragile that you won't put it aside even to give a charity $500 in exchange for signing your name? Really?

Some people have argued she was justified refusing to sign such... but honestly, it's just silly. No one was asking her to sign something truly offensive or what not.

When I met her, I was 14. Got to meet the "fab 4" of Chekov, Sulu, Scotty and Uhura together. Well the first three are warm and charming, pose for pictures (this was before they charged for such, thank you convention promoter rackets!) and Jimmy Doohan even signed an extra item for me. Nichelle? Oh you could get a photo, but you had to stay in front of her table - not go around and stand near her like with the others. And she wouldn't look up, you could just take it while she kept signing. She was the most cattle-call like for signing, most aloof and distant, nothing like the others.
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