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Re: F1 2013 Championship

junxon wrote: View Post
first race was somehow slightly boring even though there was quite a bit of passing. pleased raikkonen won though. mclaren look extra-useless. and for british bbc viewers, suzi perry was less annoying than i was expecting.
Pingfah wrote: View Post
Anyway, this was an underwhelming start to the season. Quite a boring race.

Mercedes look to have immediately slipped back into the story of last season, tidy qualifying with no race pace. I think this will be a tough season for Lewis.

Love Kimi though, especially that fact that he can barely even crack a smile when he takes the first race of the season, in style. He is the consummate professional. "Leave me alone, I know what i'm doing!!" That was the highlight of the season last year
Agreed with all the above.

It wasn't a classic race, but I'm glad Kimi won, and it certainly sets up a great dynamic for the season. I've a feeling it's going to be a good one.
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