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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

I think if the remastered effects would have been done better there may not be such an outcry against them. In truth they did some things that I liked. The entrance of the Horta for example was good. Some of the city matte shoots were good. If they would not have tried to reinvent the effects it would have gone a long way with the fans. Stuff like redesigning the Tholian ship (to look like those in "Enterprise" no less) just drives me crazy; why do that? There are countless other examples but regardless; the overall look of the exterior spaceship shots all look like cartoons. In my book if you can't do something right; don't do it!

On a side note I do realize that no matter how great the effects would have looked; I still would have preferred the originals. That doesn't however change the fact that the new effects for the most part look bad.

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