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Re: SPACE: Above and Beyond - Reviews and general geekiness

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So be it, but I would gladly have chipped in to pay Kristen Cloke Jennifer Aniston's salary because I'd rather have a couple of years of Space than eight years of "The One Where Phoebe says something else goofy and Ross acts nebbishy."
LOL! Loved the spoof of the typical Friends episode title.

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I seem to recall a scene that was probably driven by fan criticism, wherein McQueen addresses the troops: "I've heard some whining about having to be both pilots AND ground pounders. May I remind you that you are Marines, and you will do whatever you are ordered to do!"

And that was the end of that discussion!
Well, if Col McQueen says it, I would leave that alone as well. But at least the show addressed that question directly. Funny that they turned a fan concern into a concern the crew would have voiced as well.

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This thread got me amped, so I just watched Never No More and Angriest Angel again. Good lord, that was a good fracking show!!!
New BSG certainly thought so. Have you watched 'Who Monitors the Birds?' yet?
Never No More... just made me ache seeing her ache like that. Made me wanna say in her sadness "Pick me!!" :P

As for New BSG, I see MANY similiarities between Space and New BSG. One I like, the other I don't. The problem I have is how they are presented the context and backdrop of the story as both are presented in the same way. For Space that presentation of a world with suits and ties and bullets works since they are from the near future Earth. That same method does not work for New BSG as they were heading TO Earth

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Joss Whedon named "Who Monitors the Birds" as one of his inspirations for Buffy's "Hush".
I was thinking it reminded me of Hush when I watched that episode. Amazing.

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Yes, but Dharma and Greg rocked. That was a funny show!
Best thing about Dharma and Greg, they meet, and rather than go through a long painful courtship, they couragiously jump to marriage. LOVED THAT. It was great theropy since I was just out of a long relationship (two years) at the time. And when I found my lady (now married... holy crap, how long has it been? Fifteen years... I did more or less what Dharma and Greg did.)

Ok, forgive me, you all had some good stuff to say on page three of this thread. Back to work, and maybe some replies on the stuff that came after.
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