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I don't have a feline companion myself (or any pet for that matter), but this morning when I took my car to the dealership for service, I noticed movement behind the glass door of the shop floor office. A moment later, a solidly built (not fat, but not skinny, either) specimen of a Calico calmly surveying the the service area. Naturally, I asked about the animal and clerk on duty told me her name was "Sparkplug". She just wandered into the shop one day and rather than the crew chasing her away, they gave her attention and food. Within a short time, she adopted he staff and now she stays in the office.

I don't know if anyone takes her home at night or if they just release her each evening. I hope it's the former. I hope I remember to ask this evening when I go to retrieve my car.

"Sparkplug", heh, heh... Sounds more like a name one would give an ol' hound dog.

Oh, just to clarify, this isn't a shade tree mechanic's garage. This is the major dealership in this town for Buicks, Chryslers and Cadillacs. One would think they'd be a bit less likely to take in a stray.

Sorry, no photos to share.


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