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Re: TOS: A Financial Curse?

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Early on, series sich as Universal's The Sixth Sense (25 episodes) did not have enough episodes for a syndication package, so it was tacked on to Night Gallery, otherwise, TSS would have spent the rest of its time in a vault.
As a big Night Gallery fan when it was on NBC, I still cringe at the thought of poor Rod Serling at the end of his life, taping those Night Gallery-like introductions to Sixth Sense episodes for the syndication package - which, even worse, ruined many of the Night Gallery segments by cutting them - or expanding them! - in the crudest fashion possible.

Unfortunately the syndication package still runs, nearly 40 years later (for example, over the air on MeTV), and anyone exposed to Night Gallery by chance will come across it in that form, even though uncut/unexpanded segments are thankfully available online these days.
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