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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Hm well, this type of propaganda and these editing techniques exist. Sorry you don't like it, but that doesn't invalidate the reality of it. As for *why* jms wrote it - check on the background of the Hollywood black list ( There are direct references in this episode to that situation.
Well a lot of screwed up stuff exists, but it doesn't make for good television. I'll argue until I collapse from lack of food/water that even Fox News is less idiotic then ISN, and its easily the biggest example of a biased, completely useless news station that I know of (with MSNBC being the second biggest, I'm an equal opportunity hater of BS from both sides). I know it happens, but hammering the point to death in the most unsubtle way possible in a sci-fi show is just stupid. It just put the entire show on hold so JMS could rant about something. I did read on the Lurker's guide to B5 about the blacklist thing. I can't find a way to say how little I care. It doesn't answer why he made The Illusion of Truth, other then just because he was annoyed at something in the news and decided to use B5 as his personal ranting device. I'm not watching B5 to see JMS go on tangents about things he doesn't like at the expense of the story. It was the worst segment I've seen of anything on tV for a long time. Its supposed to be a good sci-Fi show, not JMS's personal soapbox.

Anyway, the episode is over and done with, and I'll never watch that piece of s$%t again. Now, on to the next episode.

Atonement - This episode was pretty good. The more I see of the average minbari, the more I think that they are easily as bad as the Centauri at their worst when it comes to aliens, they just don't interact with them as much. The guy challening Delenn this episode seemed like he'd be up for some of the horrible stuff the centauri did to the Narn recently. Seeing G'Kar get his new eye was cool (I'm assuming that the human looking eye was the actor's real eye). Delenn's dreaming was interesting. It was weird seeing her in full Minbari makeup again. I liked learning more about her past, including the beginning of the eath-Minbari war. Learning that she helped start the war was an interesting revelation, as was the human/minbari DNA stuff. I liked the scene at the end with Marcus and Franklin traveling, and Marcus singing (even over the credits at the end ). Overall, this was a good episode.
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