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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Yea, it's easy for us to criticize after the fact, or being on the sidelines as the audience
I think some criticize because knowing the governor could escape (even if bitten), he would still come after her. From my view, all options are in play in a critical situation, and yes, if I could not start the truck, I would reach under the steering column and rip the wires, then bail. Remember, Andrea is running for her life--this was not another trip to negotiate. This was "it" for her, so to ensure escape, you do whatever is necessary.

On the other hand, i've already said she should not be so drained (based on performance in S2's finale) that burning shoe leather was beyond her capabilities. If anything, Andrea would have burned out right near the prison gates, and by that time, Rick's scope would spot her.

Oh, and we get that for the story's demands, the governor has to be around, but that can be accomplished whether Andrea is a captive or not, as nothing will stop the coming battle.
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