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Re: The "Matt Decker" Moment

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I obviously have severe problems trying to understand the excuses made here on behalf of Mr. Tracey who essentially is a spineless opportunist who just tries to save his skin and at the expense of his fellow Starfleet shipmates.
The only excuse needed is that Ron Tracey was insane.

Sorry, to remotely compare this jerk to the likes of Jim Kirk or Matt Decker, is like insulting either one of them.
We never saw Capt. Tracey in action, only the insane remnant of the man that he was. Why assume he was some kind of jerk before the incident? He did reach the prestigious position of starship captain. Is it so hard to believe that he was a different man before his crew was killed off?
I chalk it up to PTSD. Like the U.S. and Canadian military so long ago (can't speak for other nations) - Starfleet failed to properly identify and/or look after members. Capt Tracey just snapped.
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