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Re: Lost Girl Season 3

Well... the dawning was a bit... underwhelming.

Dyson was ready to stay in limbo for eternity. Gotta love those loyal "lone" wolf types. I think if Kenzi was ever reincarnated, she return as Dyson.

Loved Kenzi stealing the shells from Trick's shot gun. You go, girl!

Was glad they mentioned the events of the last ep a couple times, but was confused by Lauren's response, ignoring 27 attempts to contact her before Bo went into a fight she may not survive???

Was pleased with Kenzi's response. You KISSED (Tamsin)her????

Talking about a polygon... with Lauren, Bo is connected to humanity, with Dyson she is connected to the Light Fae, and with Tamsin she is connected to the Dark Fae.

Of course... whether Lauren can handle the idea of sharing Bo with others that love Bo as much as Lauren does... vs just sharing Bo with someone "servicing" her succubus needs, is the real question.

We already know Dyson's answer, although he's too honorable to repeat himself.

We don't know anything about what Tamsin thinks.

It will be interesting to hear what the Mother thinks.
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