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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

@Vendikarr & Forbin: I had the same reaction. I've complained before when he acted superstitious and gullible, and other posters have suggested that maybe he was just putting on an act -- and as Vendikarr said, an earlier episode confirmed that. But here Castle was written in full-on Shaggy mode, cowering in genuine fear of a silly superstition, something that he knew to be a copy of something from a movie. It was just annoying.

I mean, even aside from Castle's characterization issues, you know that in a mystery show like this, the crime is going to be solvable, that it will have an explanation the detectives can uncover in the final act. So therefore it's not going to come down to some supernatural mystery. So all that time wasted positing oogy-boogy theories just distracted from the kind of actual investigation that a mystery show is supposed to be about.

And not only was this episode steeped in the things that have annoyed me about the show in the past few seasons, but it also brought back an annoying habit the show had in the first two, mostly superior seasons: Having the cops overlook something obvious that they should have considered in order to artificially keep them from figuring out the mystery. In this case, it was Espo (or was it Ryan?) offhandedly mentioning the other guy who was falsely accused of the murders, and then nobody bothering to ask anything about that other guy. As soon as he said there was another guy, I instantly perked up and thought "Okay, that's got to be significant or they wouldn't have mentioned it," and when the characters just ignored that potential lead for no reason, that confirmed that the other guy had something to do with the killings.

One more thing that didn't make sense: How come Perlmutter didn't find any signs of electrocution in the victims? There should've been burns on the skin or clothing, evidence of electrocution in the muscles, something.
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