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TNG-R Season 1 (HD) Available In iTunes + TNG In HD On Hulu

from an older thread:
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Does anyone know if we will ever be able to buy TNG episodes on iTunes???
Star Trek: TNG is finally on iTunes. The first season was added today – in HD.
available for download in both HD (720 and 1080) and Standard Def. Season 1 costs $69.99 in HD with individual episodes costing $2.99 each. The TNG available on iTunes is the same remastered version of the series which was released on Blu-ray last year. Presumably additional seasons will be added to iTunes some time after their release on Blu-ray.
so go and load up your iPads for those airplane trips.
also on Hulu Plus
the first two seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation streaming are also streaming in HD.
with commercials.

Yes this info is for USA only. I do not know about the rest of North America or anywhere else as the Trekmovie article did not say.

On my 6 year old 720p native HDTV it looks really good at current 3.2Mbps highest streaming data rate on Hulu Plus.
The video looks like it was shot last year except for the 4:3 original aspect ratio and the 1980s period hairstyles. The Ent-D VFX looked great on season 2: The Child.
The stereo sound leaves a lot to be desired though on the streaming since it is not 5.1 The music all sounds from the center.
I'd like to check this out on a friend's 55" 1080p HDTV!

looks like DS9 and VOY will be the last Trek to be in 4:3 OAR and have this problem.

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