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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

43. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part I (✩✩✩) - Download - I thought it was a bit slow, but it was nice to see a live-action version of the famous graphic novel and I liked how they integrated a number of the book's memorable panels into the action.

44. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part II (✩✩✩) - Download - I didn't think Superman would show up, but they did indeed stay true to the source material and included him. In the end, I think I prefer The Dark Knight Rises. It had a better balance of story and action.

45. Midnight in Paris (✩✩✩✩) - Blu-ray - Finally saw this. Owen Wilson was Owen Wilson (and nicely dressed too), Rachel McAdams was ravishing, Paris was vibrant (no orange & teal or washed out colors here) and the story was a fun and novel concept. I really liked it. And I thought I recognized the museum guide. I was surprised to see that it was Carla Bruni.

Theatre: 6
Blu-ray: 5
DVD: 11
Live TV: 11
Netflix: 0
Download: 11
YouTube: 1

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