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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Yes! If the key was not in the ignition, then as you say, slash tires, pull wires--anything, so even if the governor caught her, the truck not functioning would give Andrea a second chance to fight...escape..
My sense was that Andrea thought the Governor was trapped in the wherehouse with the zombies and may not escape. Also, while it was logical for her to do as you and several others are saying to the truck, I got the impression that she just wanted to get the fuck out of there - so sabotaging the truck just wasn't on her mind.
Yea, it's easy for us to criticize after the fact, or being on the sidelines as the audience, but, Andrea doesn't know she's in a TV show and that the Governor couldn't die this early at the hands of Zombies, someone needs to take revenge against him and it was very unlikely he would die before the last episode of the season (or at least not before the end of the Penultimate episode of the season)
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