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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Hi there,

I am new and I am a fan of Space Battleship Yamato (old and new. Man am I old).

Here is something that caught my attention with SBY2199. Nimmi, the ships technical expert and ships counselor, mentioned a few times, primarily to Sanada, him. Meaning the elder Kodai. In ep 13 she seems to mention that the blood runs in the family which Susumu Kodai overhears but did not hear fully, when she says I agree deflecting his question. Later on, she says that he is just as reckless as him. In ep 14, while in a dreamlike state, she says something to the effect "you don't hold back do you?". That statement can be taken two ways. But with some of the previous statements it looks like she is saying something about Mamoru Kodai.

We know that Sanada and Mamoru are friends, and from all statements said by Nimmi so far indicates she was also a friend or something more.

What do you all say?
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