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Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch

Book One - Chapter Nine

Being pleased with myself.

Day Seven

I was a happy man, a very happy man.

Sitting next to me was a gorgeous woman, with a very cute little servant to bring me drinks; I just could not help but smile.

In fact I couldn’t stop smiling, and Be’nen Tash seemed to glow in my presence, and I was very relaxed and in love with the world. It was the best tasting wine that I could ever remember drinking.

Be’nen then leaned over to me, twirled my hair a little and gave me a little kiss. After the kiss her usual smile seemed to fade a little. She started to speak to me and I could not help but hang on to every word she said.

“Captain, I am pleased you find us so attractive, because we are under the influence of Pon Farr and we are in need of your assistance.” She stated.

“For you Ms. Tash I would do anything you ask.” I replied, with a grin on my face that I couldn’t stop. That got me another kiss.

Miss Tehk then entered the room, still with her little apron on, and sat down right next to me, the opposite of Ms. Tash.

She then put her arms around my neck and whispered into my ear; “I love you Captain.”

I was getting really relaxed now and really enjoying the moment; I told her that I loved her too.

Staunn gave me a big hug and said to Be’nen, “See mother I told you he loved us.”

“Yes I love you both,” I repeated. I was in such wonderful spirits.

“I wish I could love you as much as Staunn does Captain,” Be’nen purred; “but I do think that you really should marry us after we are mated.”

“Mated, we?” I asked, happily confused. “You mean you, and me and Staunn”?

“I think I will have to ask my mother about that, she was a little upset about my losing my last two wives”

Staunn started laughing in her Ferengi; huff, huff, sounding way. She was practically in my lap hugging and kissing me.

“I think he is getting ready mother, can you see it too?” she asked.

I seemed to be engrossed in Be’nens’ smiling face when she leaned against me with her see through retro uniform on, showing her beautiful breast.

I tried to embrace her, but the only thing that seem to react, was what Gayle used to say, “her little ‘tom tom’ was rising”.

I felt like a superman, with very strong urge to breed; I wanted them both

Both women gave me some more kisses and with Be’nen’s verification, she said, “Yes Staunn I think he is ready; help me get him into the bed room. I don’t want him to hurt himself.”

I mentioned to her that it was very considerate of her, but I didn’t feel like sleeping right now.

Staunn started huffing again, and told me that she loves me, again.

I told her the feeling was mutual, and that I’ve never been carried into a bed room by two women before in my whole life.

When I got to the bed they gently stripped off my clothes, Staunn being a little frantic and Be’nen being quiet and methodical.

I was thinking that I must had died and gone to heaven, sex heaven or a sex romper room because I knew that I was in for a good time, and I could even start to move my hands a little.

Staunn had dropped her apron and hopped in bed beside me; she had a great little body for a doctor.

Be’nen removed her retro uniform and I could only just admire her beauty. My intense desire and need for both women kind of startled me.

Be’nen then lay down beside me and held me like a little boy.

I was surrounded with soft, warm and beautiful, flesh.

As she held me, Be’nen spoke to me; “I told you captain we were in pon farr.”

“We,” I asked?

“Yes, Captain, Staunn and I,” She continued;”we chose you because we feel you will marry us, but we need you now.”

I was confused to say the least.

“Marry, us, I don’t remember saying that. Does this include Staunn too?” I asked. “What if I don’t really love you Be’nen?”

“Oh believe me captain I know how you feel.” She seemed to purr again.

“You know that many Vulcans are telepathic, well I’m not completely Vulcan, but I can sense perfectly what you have been thinking, and I certainly know what you are thinking now.”

“Oh yeah and what is that?” trying to get my wits together. (It seemed like a strange question with my penis feeling like a baseball bat).

“I sensed that you were in love with me when you told us that if we were married some one of the crew you would find a place for us to be on this mission”.

“I then asked you if the crew included you, and you said yes, remember.”

“I am sure this is what you wanted for yourself Captain.”

“I can tell that you do find me and my daughter very attractive.”

“Even Staunn knows you like her and she loves you for it, she can be very affectionate you know.”

“I also can be a very good wife for you, Captain I can sense your true desires.”

“Yes but what will my mother say,” I whimpered?
“When she finds out that I’m a love slave to a pair of Vulcans, especially at my age she may worry. She liked my ex-wife Gayle you know.”

Staunn started laughing again, and Be’nen just smiled and told me; “You have a singular sense of humor Captain, but you cannot lie to your mother or to me for that matter.”

“We do need you to cooperate, Michael, I can call you that now can’t I?”

“I really think that you also need us now, will you kiss me now?”

“Yes Be’nen, and I do want both of you,” I sighed; “but will you both respect me in the morning, love?”

Be’nen kissed me, and then followed a night of sexual romp that changed all our lives

Be’nen did not smile while she worked our conjugal joining; she performed like a detached soul of a courtesan.

She had tremendous strength. When she started gripping my shoulders really tight I was getting a little worried.

She then she dropped down to her elbows, and put her hands on both sides of my head and kept staring into my eyes.

She started saying; “Staunn help me. Staunn help me. I am not ready yet.”

Be’nen then started to blush coppery red, and started to weep; I heard that Vulcans never cry!

I was then being flooded with thoughts, and emotions, strange to me. Flashes of images seemed to explode in my head, loves, hates, longing, loneliness and fear.

Be’nen the Vulcan was losing control of her emotions, and was squeezing my head like a melon.

Be’nen was now sobbing and crying out; “M’aith, M’aith, oh Staunn help me, help me.”

Staun started to keen.

I was feeling their overwhelming needs under pon farr.

My urge to protect, and love them, was also being intensified by whatever drug they gave me.

I wanted Be’nen so much to love me. I wanted so much to love, and protect them both.

With an effort I reached out and embraced them both. I asked myself, can a Vulcan really love? I want to love you both, but can that love be returned?

Be’nens’ expression changed again. She looked like Staunn, wanting needing, and something else remembering.

Then she stared into my eyes again and spoke, “Michael we are mating, we are mating, Staunn release him; we are mating.”

I thought I had latched on to a tornado; as she bounced me around like a beach ball for about sixty seconds while we both climaxed. Never had I had a lover drain me as she did.
Holding on to her as she collapsed, she started to hum like she just completed a chocolate desert. She moved to my left side, gave me another kiss and informed me that: “We are mated now Michael, you must marry us.”

Now it was Staunn’s time to try and make love to me.

Like a child she cried; “I love you too, Michael. Make love me too Michael, I want you to marry me too.”

She seemed to be a little frantic in her efforts, but she had help.

Before I could figure what I was going to do with Staunn, Be’nen clasp me to her breast and then reached down and, connected with some nerve, and all of a sudden I was very much in love with Staunn too.

Staunn was laughing with her Ferengi laugh, kissing me and telling me how much she loved me.

I was amazed how much I could pay attention to Staunn in our love making.

I was superman again.

Her hips were locked into over drive. She wasn’t as complicated lover as Be’nen, but she was just as serious.

Her need, and my drug induced affection for her, seemed to grow with her sexual heat.

When she started keening and started calling; “Maith, Maith, Maith,” I held her as close as I could as we strove to a conclusion.

Be’nen then wrapped her arms around both of us while Staunn kept saying: “He loves me too mama, I knew it mamma, he loves me too.”

I think I was in some kind of shock; I know I felt physically spent.

Both women were clinging to me and all sorts of thoughts and emotions were running through my mind.

Somehow I didn’t feel happy. I turned to Be’nen and asked: “Are you sure we’re in love now, Be’nen?”

Be’nen reached over and placed my face to her breast, kissed my forehead and said: “Yes Michael, we are mated now Michael, I truly think now you will marry us.”

Then the lights went out.

Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up and I felt like the peanut butter in a love sandwich.

I was snuggled up tight against Be’nens’ breast and Staunn seemed to be wrapped around me like paint.

It felt real nice.

Be'nen stirred a little bit and whispered to me: “You cooperated so well, Michael, I am pleased that you find us so attractive. Do you need me?”

I don’t know if it was a residual effect of the drugs or what, but I was ready to go again.

She must have known that my attitude was towards them was changing, I felt I was falling in love with her, because this time it was me that wanted to initiate the lovemaking.

As I was clinging to her she whispered in my ear: “See, Michael I can be a good mate for you, you must marry me.”

Talk about a complicated relationship.

Later on Staunn wanted attention. I wasn’t so sure I could perform another act, but she was persistent, and was hard to resist, after all she was the doctor.

Making love to Staunn was like getting into a body suit. She had her arms and legs around me like an octopus.

Her excited huff, huff, huffing, seemed to make me really excited. She was so tiny I thought I would break her.

When she hiccupped a few times then started to keen, she then started wiggling like a worm on a hook, and took us both to climax.

As I felt my eye balls return back into their normal position, she started laughing in her Ferengi way and sang out; “Oh Michael you are wonderful lover for me, I do, do love you.”

Superman was feeling real fine then. I was collapsed between my two lovers when I heard Staunn saying; “See mother I told you he could love us both.”

Then it was good night with another nerve pinch for me; the lights went out.
· * * * * * * * * * * * *
Day Eight

When I woke up the next morning I was looking into the smiling pixy faced Staunn.

She was all decked out in a medical Tech uniform, comm. badge and all; even I didn’t have a badge yet.

“Wake up sleepy head,” she said, “You have to get moving. You wanted us all down to the shuttle craft this morning so let’s get started”.

“Be’nen is going to feed you breakfast and I have to get down to base dispensary to get some supplies, so I will see you later.”

She then gave me a big hug along with a huge kiss and said: “See you later lover, make sure you drink my restorative I left for you, it’ll make feel better; bye.”

I was still groaning trying to get out of bed when Be’nen came into the room dressed in a bath robe, grabbed my hand and pulled me out of bed.

“Let’s get you showered and dressed Michael,” she directed. “We don’t want to be late for the shuttle launch do we?”

I grumbled something that she ignored, and pointed me to the shower.

No worry about my clothes, because I didn’t have any on, and when she dropped her bath robe I noticed she didn’t have any on either. It was all very efficient, two showers for the price of one.

She scrubbed me all over like a bath my mother used to give me, but I made sure that she had all her important parts washed down too.

I really didn’t want to miss any of her parts.

When I got a little too interested in her, she gave me a flick with her hand and told me gently; “Later Michael, be nice.”

I tried my best.

After I was dressed and sitting down at the breakfast table with toast and coffee and my ‘restorative’, I asked Be’nen: “About what happened last night; we have to talk.”

“Yes Michael, I explained to you that we were under the influence of Pon Farr. We needed to mate with someone; we selected you. We just seduced you last night to make sure it happened in a controlled environment.”

“Seduced me, is that what you call it? I exclaimed. “I think I was drugged to the eyeballs, and by the way how did Staunn get caught up in this”?

“I think you knew a little how I felt about you, but to get caught up into this Vulcan style mating process is going way over my head”.

“I need an explanation and I need it fast or we aren’t going anywhere together.”

“I am sorry Michael; will you please listen to our story?”

“Explain away sweets, before we get a divorce, before we even get engaged.”

“You know by now Michael,” Be’nen started, “Staunn is my daughter.”

“Yes I gathered that when you came in together the first time we met. You seemed to me to be too close to each other for an employer and employee relationship.”

“Very astute of you Michael; not too many people tend to notice Staunn at all.”

“I guess that explains her strong reaction to you, I think she fell in love with you the minute you offered her a mission”.

“A mission, and employment, completely separate from mine, no one has ever asked her to do anything except through me. She loves you for it.”

“I find that hard to believe that Be’nen, I replied, “she’s a beautiful grownup woman.”

“Yes, I think so too Captain, but some people would consider us both freaks of nature.”

“You see Captain I am not a true Vulcan, I am half Romulan. I was born of a Vulcan mother in a Romulan prison encampment; don’t ask me where, I don’t know.”

“I have no idea who my Romulan father is, and until last night; I couldn’t even remember what my mothers’ name was.”

I didn’t know what to say, I only thought, what in Hades is happening here?

She continued: “When I was about ten years old I was sold to a Ferengi trader.”

“I was kept on his ship until I was, I think, around fifteen. Most of my child hood memories are gone.”

“I was mostly just little more than a worker companion, although the master did like me to stroke his ears. Then I started showing my maturity.”

“Being Vulcan I could never respond to his sexual advances because it just didn’t relate to me. So he drugged me. The aphrodisiac we gave you last night is similar to what he gave me, only his was much stronger. High dosages make you susceptible to mental manipulation.”

“So I was being brainwashed while being seduced?” I asked.

“No Michael, we gave you only enough to enhance your libido”.

“Your true sexual desire was as wide open as a book. Your sexual desires stimulated my breeding instincts and we being together seemed to drive Staunn frantic.”

“Remember you did say you loved us; we are now attuned to each other, but I digress.”

“Staunn’s father drugged me, and sent me into an artificial Pon Farr cycle. In effect I was raped under the influence”.

“Unfortunately somehow the dosage affected me mentally, and I think genetically as well. I became pregnant with Staunn.”

“My mood changes shied him away from any further attempts to get intimate with me again”.

“He later began to fear me when I broke his arm, while in the troughs of my birth pains, while delivering Staunn.”

“Jesus I’m sorry Be’nen,” I mumbled.

She continued; “I think he really decided to get rid of both of us is when he saw my beautiful Staunn. She didn’t look enough like a Ferengi to him.”

“You can see her face and ears; plus she had hair, lots of beautiful blond hair; the Ferengi are bald. I still don’t know where she got that gene from; maybe from my long lost Romulan father.”

“I sensed he was trying to get rid of us, maybe sell us. I sensed the messages were getting clearer after the time I had Staunn”.

I do not think I am fully telepathic like some Vulcans, at least I haven’t tried to be, but I am very empathic, and so is Staunn. We are in some ways connected.”

“Staunn’s father took us down to a planet to do some trading”.

“While in orbit I noticed a Vulcan trading vessel”.

“I don’t think he realized what he was doing; he must have had a big deal set up for us when we were to land, but when he wanted us to disembark, I refused.”

“I would not be sold, or have my daughter sold”.

“He then drew his hand phaser and threatened to shoot me through my daughter who was strapped to my breast”.

“Even my reactions surprised me. I swatted the phaser out of his hand, twisted his arm out of his socket and while he was screaming, I threw him bodily out of the shuttle door.
He landed on his head; that was smashed like a melon, and was killed.”

“I then flew the shuttle into orbit as close to the Vulcan ship as I could get without them firing on me, and asked for asylum, in Ferengi of course”.

“The only Vulcan word I could remember was M’aith, mother”

“Believe me Be’nen”, I interrupted, “I would never do anything to hurt you, or Staunn, even after all that happened last night; I would even let you win at cards.”

“Don’t you think I know that Captain,” she replied, “besides you couldn’t beat me at cards any way, remember I can almost read your mind, but that is not the last of my story”.

“If we are to be married I want you to know all about us, and why we are all now connected.”

“When Staunn and I were rehabilitated to Vulcan, we never really fit in.”

“I was fifteen years late for Vulcan logic training, and Staunn was almost impossible to teach”.

“You’ll notice my degrees were not in the high sciences that the Vulcans excel at, but in public relations.”

“Staunn barely made it through, what on Earth is called a middle school, not because she was stupid, but because she was a social outcast”.

“We had no family, my mental block that held my childhood and my mother’s name could not be undone. Do you know what the pre marriage arrangements are for Vulcans?”

“I can’t say as I do”, I replied.

“Well neither do I. No Vulcan wants to marry a clan-less, property-less, and in their minds witless woman, especially not a true Vulcan, but a half-breed Romulan. And what of my daughter, we had no future on Vulcan except struggle and pain.”

“The assignment to Earth was a godsend for us; I was accepted, and even acclaimed, by many here on Earth”.

“I could sense all your desires and pettiness. I could anticipate, and in many circumstances manipulate people, to accomplish my task as a public relations official. I was very satisfied.”

“Staunn continued her education, and excelled”.

“She was just one of many off-worlders who come here to Earth just to experience your culture, your acceptance, your blending in. Staunn for once was happy”.

“Then I went into a regular cycle of pon’farr, our connection made Staunn frantic, she went into pon farr also”.

“To her it was like nymphomania. I realized then that we were more closely linked than I thought possible”.

“She was only a teenager, when I had to take her out of school”.

“We were on suppression medicine for six months, furnished by the Vulcan embassy staff, and lived in virtual isolation”.

“It was a terrible experience for Staunn. I was Vulcan enough to control my emotions after pon’farr, but Staunn was not, it was not an easy time”.

“She is older now and understands what can happen to her, when her mother and daughter are under the influence of pon’farr.”

“I am in pon’farr now. It will last about six months. It is race mechanism to ensure pregnancy. Don’t worry Michael you will not be a father yet, we are not genetically compatible.”

“With Staunns’ maturity it would prove to be an embarrassment to the Vulcan embassy, and we would have been recalled to Vulcan; and to her misery, and my pain”.

“Acceptance on your mission would be a way to isolate us and try to control ourselves in private”.

"Things changed when I met you.”

“I chose you for two reasons”.

“Number one; you said I would be allowed to join if I was married to one of the crew. Believe me Michael many men have desired me, I know because many a time I considered it a males vulnerability in my business relations, but no man has ever asked me to marry them, only you”.

“Number two; Staunn really likes you, I guess you might say she loves you, and she agreed with the decision to mate, and marry you.”

“That’s just great Be’nen, now that we are supposedly mated, I’m supposed to marry the both of you,” I exclaimed!

“One woman is a Vulcan with the emotional level of a door knob, when she is not in pon’farr every seven years, and the other is her nymphomaniac daughter who I probably should be a father figure to,” I continued.

“Jeez Be’nen, that’s one hell of a position to put me in. I can’t seem to keep one wife happy at a time let alone two. What do you expect me to do?”

“Marry us as soon as you can. We are mated.” She said emphatically. “We are connected. Staunn loves you”.

“I am half Romulan, maybe I can learn to love you the same as Staunn, we are connected. I can be a good wife too. I am not unaware of the human male’s needs, and desires.”

“I suppose you studied the Kama Sutra too,” I replied sarcastically.

“I am aware of the Kama Sutra, Michael.” She continued. “If you feel physically fit I’m sure Staunn, and I, will be obliging.”

“You’re not being helpful in this situation Be’nen”.

“I can’t be thinking of marriage now, I have a mission to complete, a three year mission. Besides I don’t think you and Staunn are thinking right about this under the influence of pon’farr”.

“In six months it will probably just blow over and you will be back to your normal efficient thinking Vulcan, Freeing, Romulo person, whatever.”

“No captain we are joined, mated and connected.” she lectured, “You have freed Staunn’s love and affection, and through the both of you, I no longer have the mental block that was given to me as a slave. I can remember things now. I know my mother’s name.”

Be’nen’s face started to screw up, it look as if she was going to cry.

The moment was so emotional for her that it was plain to see that she was struggling for control.

I reached over the table and grabbed her hand and pulled her over to me and sat her on my lap and held her.

Be’nen got her composure back, got her little amused grin back and asked me: “Are you going to remove us from the mission?”

“Certainly not,” I said. “We’re in too deep now sweetheart. You know how I feel about you and Staunn, but I’m not getting married now no matter what you think”.

“You are a part of this mission. I need both of your help, Be’nen, you know that too”.

“You will have to resign if you want off this project. It would probably break my heart, but that’s the way it’ll have to be.”

“About our personal relationship, you’re going to have to talk to my parents about this.”

“Your parents,” she asked?

“Yes when you are done with pon’farr. I explained. “You will just have to think of us as pre-engaged, dating you might say.”

“Dating on a star ship?” She asked; really grinning this time.

“Yes dear and you can ask me to dinner any time you feel like it. Just don’t gang up on me”.

“Once the word gets around I’ll probably be laughed out of Star Fleet anyway, marrying two women”.

“Cripes in twenty years you would probably have to push me around in a wheel chair and pre chew my food for me.”

Her face really became a little screwed up for a second. I think she was trying not to laugh in my face, but she didn’t.

“Yes Michael, we will do as you say.” She exclaimed. “We will all be perfectly professional”.

“Staunn, and I, both know many recipes that you may need to try at dinner”.

“In six months we can talk to your parents. Staunn would like that too, to be part of a family”.

“I am pleased you are so human and agreeable.”

“Thank you my dear, now give us a kiss and let’s get moving over to the launch pad and get in to the shuttle before all the good seats are gone."
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