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Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch

Book One - Chapter Eight

The loves of my life: Tehk, Tash, and a Type 9B Cargo Shuttle.

Day Seven

When Mr. Og, and crew, finally showed up with the paperwork to sign the shuttle over to the Bajoran government, I was elated.

I told Og to pack his suit cases, along with his whole entourage, and move on board the shuttle right away.
He was to then stow all their personal stuff in the cargo hatches.

He could take one of the passenger compartments, and the Dabo girls would occupy the other cabin, at least until the whole crew had joined to sort things out.

I put Og on pre launch notice because as soon as my advisor crew was on board, we were leaving for the moon.

As I wanted to carry as many spare parts for the Monarch as we could carry, according to the required refit list Commander Hayes gave us; he was also to check into an over head cargo carrier, because I thought we were going to need it.

I asked him to make sure to have an on board dedicated supply terminal set up so we could keep in constant touch with his supply contacts at the depot here while we were parked.

I had a feeling there would be more day to day changes before we reach the Grayson.

I also informed Og that I would be setting up my office in the shuttle tomorrow.

He was to get us a ground power feed so I could use all the shuttle facilities, and communicate with the base without having to use shipboard power.

“The crew should be arriving on base tomorrow, and if I can, I want them packed on board as soon as they get here,” I directed.

If my crew has any questions, tell them you are our unit supply specialist an dyour just relaying my instructions. If there are any problems give me a call.

“Get you and your assistants some food packs from base supply, and be sure to keep one person on the ship at all times. Guard it well because it will probably be our new office here on the base until we get on board the Monarch, at the moon.”

They were to call me if anything came up, then I changed it to; Call my new administrative assistant, Ms. Ba’nen Tash. Let her call me, if she can’t handle it.

As I walked out of my office it was; “Good night, see you tomorrow morning bright and early Mr. Og. I’ve got a date for dinner with two lovely ladies and I don’t want to be late.”

· * * * * * * * * * * * *
When Be’nen Tash, and Staun Tehk, left Mr. Thomas’ office and reached their runabout after they were hired, Be’nen was mortified.

It was not the same with Staunn, she was almost bursting with excitement.

“We did it mother we are on our way.” announced Staunn; “did you see the way he looked at me momma; I think he really likes me?”

“I shouldn’t have worn this dress,” answered Be’nen. “It was too presumptuous of me.”

“He looked at me like I was some cheap tarte.”

“Nonsense,” replied Staunn. “He’s in love with you, momma. I’ve seen that look in too many humans male eyes to doubt it; he can’t help himself,” she laughed.

“I don’t know Staunn, he hired us as crew. You know ships officers aren’t supposed to fraternize with the crew, its’ bad business.”

“That’s just the point mother; he didn’t have to hire us.”

“I think in a way he felt sorry for us.”

“He must have sensed something was up when we appeared at his door step all dolled up, and with a letter from the Admiral.”

“I think he knows we are in a tight spot, but not for all the reasons he thinks; I am so happy momma.”

“You still want us to try and get him to marry us", Be'nen asked?

“You might succeed, you’re a little sexpot, but me I’m too much of a Vulcan.”

“Humans may date us, some even have sex with us, but we live twice as long as they do. There would be too many problems; humans and Vulcan’s just don’t relate that well.”

“Mother quit stalling; you’ve charmed the pants off many males; that’s how we made our living when we worked for the Admiral.”

“You can do this momma, be the actor that I know you can be; I’ll furnish all the loving this man will need, in spades. I really like him momma.”

“I want to do this, Momma; it’s our time to make the break.”

“Alright Staunn we’ll handle this just like we’ve done before; but I must warn you this will not be like the others.”

“I won’t just be imprinting on our subject that he had a good time. I will be suggesting that he care enough to marry us, and if I connect mentally, and we are mated, it will change everything.”

“We may feel each others’ thoughts and emotions; then I won’t be able to lie to him, ever.”

“Don’t worry about it mother I’ll put the right amount of happy juice in his drinks tonight he’ll be ready marry an ugly step sister. Trust me I’m a doctor you know.”

Be’nen just looked at her daughter and thought, ‘Yes, I will do this for you my beautiful daughter, and come what may I will stand by you, even if my logic failed me again.”

· * * * * * * * * * * * *
My getting to Ms. Tash’s, on post temporary residence, turned out to be an adventure in itself.

My own room was in the base bachelors’ officers’ quarters, so I assumed Ms. Tash was in the same building. When I called down to the front desk to ask for her room number, the desk clerk told me she wasn’t living there.

I had to call the post locator, and ask where my administrative assistant was.

I then found out that Ms. Tash rated very high in the residential rankings.

I had to take the post shuttle to reach her place, because I couldn’t walk clear across the base to the VIP housing to make my dinner date on time; so much for my protocol skills.

When I saw the residence she was put up in, I thought maybe I should ask for a raise in pay. She had her own house!

I knocked on the door, and Miss. Tehk answered the door with a big smile dressed in one of those cute little maid outfits.

I asked what she was doing acting as Ms.Tash’s servant again. She just kind of laughed, in a huffing kind of way, must be I set off her Ferengi sense of humor.

“I wanted very much to be here to honor your visit with us for dinner,” she said. “I hope to give you a very satisfactory report on my progress, and I will gladly assist Ms. Tosh in making your dinner enjoyable.”

“This is something that I have done for many distinguished guest, Captain Thomas, as part of my duties in assisting my mother; but tonight I am enjoying myself in making sure you have an enjoyable evening as our guest.”

“By the way I do have my own quarters at the enlisted lodging, which I hear we may be vacating shortly.”

“Yes, I have just acquired a shuttle that will take us to Luna port, on the moon, where a Klingon freighter is orbiting. I want to leave here as soon as possible.

Ms. Tosh then appeared in a blue pinstripe business style dress suit, very fashionable, and looking very attractive and efficient. I was really impressed. It made me feel a little out classed in my sport coat with no tie.

“Come in Captain and welcome, the table is already set so please come in and set down.” she announced.

“The meal is completely catered and all Staunn had to do is place the main courses so we can serve ourselves family style, if that is acceptable.”

“Yes, quite acceptable; you have really done wonders in so short a time” I remarked.

They both smiled at my lame attempt to flatter her.

We then walked in to the dining area and sat at the table.

The meal was a little different than I was used to, mostly vegetarian.

There was a tossed salad, a rice dish, a tomato like soup with vegetables.

There was no meat, but there was popcorn shrimp that I ate with a cocktail sauce, and which Miss Tehk put in just about everything.

She had a side dish that she kept eating her shrimp out of. I guess for her it was a food staple, that and a plate of what looked like candied grasshoppers.

Staunn saw me watching her eat the grasshoppers and offered me some.

I said, “Sure why not.”

I had heard that people ate them in Africa, so I gave it a try. They tasted something like candied pretzel sticks.

“Not bad,” I commented.

She then said that she; “loved them, and cooks them into all her recipes that she prepares for herself.”

Ms. Tash ate only vegetables, and drank only water. It is no wonder she had such a great figure.

The conversation at the table centered around my update on the warp shuttle status. The need to get the Klingon’s Monarch freighter refitted. The task of forming of our new crew roster list; plus getting the required licenses for them. Scheduling the shuttle’s flight plan and assigning a pilot. Included were other topics of discussion for a general crew meeting to be held before we boarded the warp shuttle, for the Moon.

I also had to ask how she got the lodgings she was in.

Ms. Tash informed me, that based on my recommendation, she was approved as an Ambassadorial Level, Administrative Assistant, it was only a few grades lower than her last posting with the Vulcan Embassy, as a Public Relations Specialist.

Of course there had to be adjustments to my own Chief Advisory position, as they didn’t want the assistant out ranking the Chief Advisor.

“You mean I could have had a house like this too?” I asked.

“Yes Sir,” she replied, “but I understand you requested a BOQ assignment when you signed in. They just gave you what you asked for. You could have had a bigger office too, if you had requested it. I am sorry sir.”

Miss Tehk then piped up and said that she will be a licensed doctor in two weeks. She was to be licensed by the Cayman Islands Medical Association. She was also very happy that Ms. Tosh had obtained results so quickly.

So was I.

She had also completed her application for the Medical technician position and she would be ready to serve with the Bajoran ships’ doctor as an intern, when we get to Bajor.

She reported that Ms Tash had also purchased a new complete personal medical kit for her; that included her own personal medical computer, with the latest up dates for Human, Bajoran, Cardasian, Klingon and Ferengi medical physiology.

If I was to be sick she would definitely take good care of me.

I thanked her very much and told her to be prepared to scan the crew before they board the warp shuttle.

She would also need to coordinate with Luna port medical facilities when we get there, and be prepared to assist with the physical screening of the Klingons.

I mentioned that I suspected that they were all exposed to onboard ships’ radiation, because some of the Monarchs were notorious for radiation leaks if they weren’t up to current Federation standards.

Ms. Tash brought up the fact that both she, and Miss Tehk, were qualified shuttle pilots, and assured me that Mr. Og was also up to date in his licenses. Piloting for the shuttle should be no problem.

I thanked her for informing me, and complemented her on her efficiency, and especially her business like appearance. I added that really admired her taste; and that she looked great. They both did.

“Why Thank you captain, Ms. Tash replied. “Staunn now has proper medical apparel, and in our research, we had found out that there was a sort of uniform for the crew, as Star Fleet civilians, it was a brick red coverall”.

“I informed Mr. Og, so that he could order them for issue. I’m afraid that if you want alternate authorized civilian attire, you will have to authorize it, and all have to buy their own”.

Mr. Og can also take orders for that too. There is also civilian attire for more formal occasions; shall I have him order you a few suits jackets, and slacks sir, I just need your sizes?”

“Sure why not, just remember I’m kind of a sport jacket type anyway,” I said.

“I wear a size 42 regular jacket and size 34x30 slacks, old school measurements.”

“What can we do with our old uniforms, trash them or store them", I asked?

“Well sir, according to Admiral Broderick’s office we are a technical advisory group under the auspices’ of Star Fleet Assistance and Advisory Group (SFAAG)”.

“Our insignia will be on your comm. badge”.

“Identification cards with civilian pay status will also be worn and that’s all there is to it. It will be up to you if they can wear their regulation Star Fleet uniforms, less active duty rank of course.” was her answer.

“Ms. Tash, you positively amaze me; please inform the crew that I authorized the wearing of their old regulation uniforms, if they want to. In fact I strongly recommend that they do so; we don’t want to further confuse our Bajoran, and Klingon friends, do we.”

“Yes sir, I will post it immediately,” she replied. “Now would you care for an after dinner drink, some wine maybe? I have some that’s an excellent vintage, it was a going away gift and I don’t want to see it go to waste.”

“I’d be happy to; can I assist you in clearing the table?”

“No, that will not be necessary; Staunn will do it for us.” She replied.

“Please captain; just be seated on our couch while I change into something less formal”.

“Staunn when you get our Captain a glass of wine, I would like to have a glass of mineral water too, please.”

“Yes ma'am,” Staunn replied, and then to me, ‘I’ll be right back Captain.”

Staunn bustled out to the kitchen while Ms. Tash went into a side room, and I went into the living room that had a giant video screen, and sat down on a couch that was almost as big as my BOQ.

I sat there patting myself on the back for acquiring the services of Ms. Tash and Dr. Tehk. They were wonderful examples of beauty, and brains.

Beauty wasn’t the right word to describe Be’nen when she came back into the room, dazzling was more like it.

She was wearing her skimpy retro uniform again, and with her little smile, she always seemed to have on; I thought she really knows how to dress informal.

She came over and sat real close to me and leaned in to say, “I think we are private enough for me to wear it now Captain, wouldn’t you agree?”

I must have still goggled when I said,” Yes.”

Then Staunn came in with the two wine glasses. She too had changed her clothes too, by taking most of them off.

She was wearing a big smile, and a nice frilly apron, and nothing else. She handed each of us our drinks and then left the room; with her shapely little buttocks on display.

I had to ask Be’nen, “Didn’t you notice that Ms. Tehk had no clothes on, except for that little apron?”

Be’nen smiled benignly; “It is not unusual for us Captain. She is like that all the while around our house, and she is Ferengi you know. If it bothers you I’ll tell her to stay in the kitchen.”

Being the gallant that I am I replied, “No, I was just a little startled that’s all, first date and all.”

I then took a big drink of the wine in front of me. Be’nen was right it was delicious, I finished it off.

It was really delicious wine and downright relaxing.
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