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The formation of Porridgefleet Command

So I just watched a really crappy, pretty awful, and mostly, oh-so-very desperate episode of Voyager again: Scorpion Part One and Two.

An episode that the only good scene is the one where Chakotay and Janeway discuss their positions, and there is that scorpion/ fox parable.

That is the only scene worthy of Trek. The only other aspect of that episode worth anything is Jeri Ryan.. hired to be a Borg-babe, which, like the rest of the episode, with it's overly pronounced music cue and it's over emphasis on how damn important hasty decisions are, is all just a ratings grab, Ryan keeps the role afloat. Even with all that Borg armor on, she seems rather frail and vulnerable somehow, while still managing to threaten the crew. I just felt that this one Borg drone who was out of her breadth.

The Borg might not be the best foe in star Trek (they are close, but what keeps them form being that is that they are defeated by TECH) but they were always interesting and threatening, and this show managed to make them less interesting and less threatening so that they could introduce a new and less interesting alien race.

And where did that alien race live. In some parallel dimension: "this is not space - it's matter, Har, Har, Har") Perhaps the worst idea in ll of Trek. They later called it Fluidic space because matter probably would sound just as stupid to us as the whole concept.

Considering how Starfleet is all into exploring, they'd jump all over going to this place. Here we go, let's launch the Porridge-Fleet.

Anyone else think that Scorpion is just a cheesy act of desperation on the part of the producers, with little regard for science or fiction or anything resembling what Trek was all about?
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