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Well, that's also part of the traditional method. Zombies were just the reanimated dead. People didn't turn into zombies because they were bitten, people turned into zombies after being bitten because they were dead.
Why then in the Walking Dead did they cut off Herschel's leg. It's implied but not stated that the bite itself has some kind of aombie infection that can spread.
No, Zombie bites are poisonous and lead to death if the poison spreads. Death turns you into a Zombie. Notice how some people stay dead for up to 24 hours (or perhaps more before reanimating as a Zombie)

Side Note: Although I've seen it tried in several other Zombie flicks, Herschel is the first and only time I recall seeing amputation save someone from dying/turning after a Zombie bite. Are there any other cases I am forgetting or from movies I haven't seen?
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