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Re: F1 2013 Championship

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my parents used to watch f1 when it was on itv whilst listening to the 5live radio commentary because they hated james allen. it did mean occasional cricket update interruptions as well as the adverts. crazy system.
The very notion of putting it on a channel which was going to interrupt it with adverts was completely bonkers.

Anyway, this was an underwhelming start to the season. Quite a boring race.

Mercedes look to have immediately slipped back into the story of last season, tidy qualifying with no race pace. I think this will be a tough season for Lewis.

Love Kimi though, especially that fact that he can barely even crack a smile when he takes the first race of the season, in style. He is the consummate professional. "Leave me alone, I know what i'm doing!!" That was the highlight of the season last year
So it goes.
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