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Re: 'The Colony' scifi-thriller film released in Canada April 12

We've read about it, we've toured the sets and now we get to see it: the trailer for Jeff Renfroe's The Colony.
length: 2:05

The movie stars Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton
The action unfolds when a rescue team responds to an SOS call from a nearby colony.

The Colony is scheduled for a Canadian theatrical release on April 12th.
budgeted $16 million survival tale
Filmed on location in Northern Ontario and later in-studio in Toronto
at a location
Sixty stories below ground in a decommissioned NORAD base in North Bay, Ontario,
No zombies and
cited John Hillcoat's The Road (based on Cormac McCarthy's best-seller) as a big influence.

looks pretty good. Of course any film set in the snow area with labs looks like The Thing and some X-Files episodes.
looks like thriller with some action. I'm interested.
I also really like how they used an actual location of a
decommissioned NORAD base in Ontario. It's things like that an James Cameron using a 40 ft. tall unused Nuclear reactor cooling tank in South Carolina for The Abyss that I like to read about.
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