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Re: What do you predict STID will make worldwide?

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I'm hoping the involvement of Cumberbatch, the rest of the British actors and the London setting will hike up the UK box office take. And in Japan too, due to Cumby's superstar staus there. I'm also hoping all the Star Wars fans around the world will come along to see what their new God is capable of.

That said, I'm a little concerned with how quiet things are around here. It does not bode well.

Hey King Daniel, Speaking of Cumberbatch been British, You and I are living in England at the moment, which means we get the advantage of seeing the film first .I assure you not to worry, things won’t be quiet around here for long.

As for box office, I won’t be surprised if trek over takes Ironman. A lot of people might be Ironman fatigued because of Avengers. With Iron man we all know what to expect, Trek is still a bit off a mystery.

I also never thought that Skyfall will out gross Breaking Dawn 2 last year....So yeah, Trek may just defeat Iron man.

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