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Re: Genre switching sequels?

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Ah, but TOS tended to switch genres at will: cerebral sf ("City on the Edge of Forever"), war movie ("Balance of Terror"), pulp action-adventure ("Gamesters of Triskelion"), courtroom drama ("Court-Martial), heavy-handed political allegory ("And Let That Be Your Last Battlefield), morality plays ("Conscience of the King") and even the occasional farce: "Trouble with Tribbles," "I, Mudd," "A Piece of the Action," etc.

So, arguably, all the TOS movies resemble the show, depending on which episodes you're talking about!
True to an extent (Wrath of Khan is pretty similar to Balance of Terror, really) but ST V is easily the film that most resembles TOS which is why it's a shame fans hate it.

I feel the same about the much maligned Insurrection in relation to TNG.
Neither will ever be in my top five of Trek films (you didn't ask but; TWOF, FC, TUC, Abrahms Trek and probably TVH orTMP depending how I'm feeling!) but both are unfairly treated, and I'd say in both cases what I like about them is that arguably the characters seem closer to how they were in their respective shows than in any other films.

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^I was trying to forget Highlander: The Quickening. I imagine everyone who ever saw the movie has tried to forget it.
Well I had forgotten it, thank you all so much for reminding me

a film so terrible that, as I recall, McCleod magically changes coats and swords in the middle of a duel!
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